Technologies used in this project: c#

Smart Turf Monitoring System Johan Cruijff Arena developed the dashboard for the Johan Cruijff Arena. The dashboard shows the information that is obtained form 15 field sensors and several light sensors on the roof. IoT turf: How cool is that?

Health of the turf
At each mowing, a scan is made of the turf to measure the activity of the grass, the amount of blades of grass per area and if there are damaged spots. All obtained data is processed in the grass dashboard. The dashboard monitors the health of the turf and indicates what is needed to maintain or improve the quality. Caretakers monitor the quality of the turf in real time via the dashboard to determine whether the grass requires extra nutrition, light or water. 

Other stadiums
The Johan Cruijff Arena is the only stadium in the world where the turf is maintained and monitored this way and is on the forefront of technological developments. The Johan Cruijff Arena and the KNVB collaborate with Wageningen University & Research in this project. As a next step they are investigating whether this high-tech system is suitable for other stadiums of clubs in Dutch professional football. The KNVB is deploying the monitoring system on the training fields of the Dutch national team in Zeist.