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Brain Games for kids!

On the 29th of September 2022 the 73th edition of the Kinderpostzegelactie goes live again! The theme for the Kinderpostzegelactie of this year is 'Give More Strength'. We're really proud that developed the braingames for kids in lower school on behalf of Stichting Kinderpostzegels and in collaboration with Haegens Media. The braingames consists of several different minigames which relate to emotions that children often have.

The goal of the braingames is to visualise and teach something in a fun and specific way about handling emotion and in this manner give the children more mental strength. For the 29th of september there will be a new minigame available every day except for the Sunday.



With the completion of every game the kid receives a letter. In the end the goal is to make a word with the seven letters that the children obtain during the week. They can submit the answer via a digital form. On the 7th of October three winners will be announced. These winners will go to CORPUS with their whole class.