Technologies used in this project: Therapy Compliance

For research institute Nivel we developed the platform Nivel is a Dutch institute for health care research. With the platform, Nivel delivers an overview of the interventions developed to improve therapy compliance with (chronic) medication at the Radboud University Medical Center and the Sint Maartens clinic. has the ambition to become the location for therapy compliance interventions and for anyone who wants to get to work with therapy compliance.

After the kick off in April 2019 which all parties involved attended, started to build the form with which the medical researchers can add the information about their intervention. Each intervention comprises thorough content descriptions, implementation requirements for everyday practice and the research proving its effectiveness.

Promoting therapy compliance and reducing healthcare costs
Doctors and specialists can search for interventions that fits their patient or patient group to ensure that they remain faithful to their therapy. For instance depressed people who receive antidepressants often think they can stop taking medication when they are doing better. A huge relapse is often the consequence from which it is much harder to recover. By applying interventions that promote compliance, not only patients benefit with better health but also healthcare costs can be reduced.