Technologies used in this project: html css javascript C# Azure Umbraco Website

Our old website was created a few years ago and was not up to date anymore so that was a good reason to develop a new one. We decided to use Umbraco as a technology to learn more about the possibilities of it. Umbraco is the leading open-source ASP.NET Core CMS (Content Management System), More than 700.000 websites worldwide are powered by this flexible and editor-friendly CMS. 

By building this website we wanted to see if Umbraco holds a future for us when working together with customers. Especially customers who want to edit elements on their application on the fly without having to contact the web developers to do such a thing.


Our website contains a brief overview of what and who we are as a company. you can also read about the projects we have done through the years. Next to that you can also see what is going on at the company at the moment on the 'posts' page, or see available job openings. If you are interested in working for or with our company you can also find some information on how we work and how to contact us