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Flores x HvA

At we like to contribute to education and talent development in the field of software engineering, that’s why, for the past ten years, we have been collaborating with the Amsterdam University of applied sciences (HvA).  


Rather than letting the students build applications for ourselves, we strive to host this projects in collaboration with organizations outside our current network where we get very excited about. These are mostly nonprofits helping humanity or nature.

Examples of collaborations of the past are:


  • building a game for the 200th anniversary of the KNRM (Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Institution)
  • developing an application for taking physical test for the company Bewegen Werkt
  • - first version of an application for identifying nudibranchs (marine creatures also known as sea slugs) named Blauwtipje which later became a private project of own hobby diver and (marine) biology enthusiast Victor. 


The student projects don’t stop here, our plans and ambitions projects are sky high.

At the moment we are working with students on a project for NatureToday, as you may have seen on our social media (find the article here). In fall 2022 we are planning to start developing an application to contribute to the ambitious Arise project, which aims to build an infrastructure that will identify and monitor all multicellular species in the Netherlands.

Arise is a mutual project of Naturalis, the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam, the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute and the University of Twente.


Are you a student from the HvA, or any other software development and looking for a place to gain work experience (internship or summer job)? Feel free to contact us for an introduction. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to read more about the current and future student projects and their progress.