Technologies used in this project:

Cloud based Kinderpostzegels

The annual Kinderpostzegelactie (Children’s Stamp Action) is an action has been around for more than 70 years and three years ago the organization made a serious digital transformation. Since 2017 the children can go to the doors with a mobile application. Together with a number of other software suppliers, has established a platform that makes this application possible.

Cloud based platform
Children go door to door to collect the orders. An interesting challenge is that children may have a telephone (from mum and dad), but that they probably are offline. How do the orders from these offline telephones end up as parcels on the doorstep? This puzzle has been solved by with a cloud-based platform solution that can synchronize all orders super-fast when the children connect to WiFi at home.

The platform ensures that the right systems are in place for payment links, confirmation e-mails, direct debits, up until the product is finally ready for shipment. A great collaboration between different software systems and suppliers for a wonderful project that ultimately helps vulnerable children. A mission that we at also like to support.

Innovative developments
In addition to this important task, also helps Stichting Kinderpostzegels with streamlining IT processes and coming up with innovative developments that make the promotion a little better each year