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Our team

Victor Heijke - CEO, founder
Victor Heijke - CEO, founder Some years ago I founded Programming has always been a part of my life. Nowadays I mainly direct my attention to managing the company and our accounts. Still sometimes I find myself sitting behind a terminal helping the team programming. I guess programming is in my blood. I’m passionate about the not-for-profit sector. That is why I also do project management and consulting for Universities and their fundraisers.
Peter Bekink, COO / Partner
Peter Bekink, COO / Partner As Finance and Operational Director I am highly committed to facilitate the growth of and make our Customers to operate more effcient and succesful by using our solutions.
Martin Drenth - Consultant / Partner
Martin Drenth - Consultant / Partner It was 2004. Victor and I were working for a mutual client. I walked into his office and asked: “what if we start a business together?”. When Victor replied “yes” within a tenth of a second, I knew it was going to be magical. Every day I enjoy the inspiration my colleagues and clients give me.
Nuray Boerman - Officemanager
Nuray Boerman - Officemanager I work at since January 2012. I am the office manager. It’s a challenging job with a lot of responsibility. I also do financials, and personnel. As the sole female employee I’m still having a great time at with my colleagues. And there is always time for a laugh and a joke.
Jamie Hannah - .Net developer
Jamie Hannah - .Net developer In 2002 I graduated from the Glasgow University with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. Since that time I have worked as a software developer. My main experience is in document management, MS Office and SharePoint solutions. I enjoy finding elegant and practical solutions to fix problems and create innovative software.
Mitchel Hoedt - .Net developer
Mitchel Hoedt - .Net developer In 2017 I graduated from my study, Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland. During this study, I gained experience developing using C#, Java, SQL, JS and others. I started out mostly developing web apps, but lately I'm also building native Android Apps using Java, but also using Xamarin. In 2015 I did an internship at, working on all kinds of projects. After five months my internship was finished, but the small team and the pleasant working environment is what made me want to stay.
Kristiaan Hillen
Kristiaan Hillen Since 2015 I work for IT is the thread that links all the jobs in my career as consultant and project manager. I’m not a typical IT person. I have a background in organizational psychology. User acceptance and system success are the product of well-functioning systems that support both people and process. To reach that goal you need to look at all questions and possibilities. So I am result driven, have an eye for organizational politics, I’m creative and convincing. Customers I get to work with will get a consultant/projectmanager with a clear view on the (near) future, both feet on the ground, and a hands-on mentality.
Niels de Boer
Niels de Boer In 2017 I started working for Flores. I studied Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Inholland where I did a research internship at Flores. During my internship I researched the pro's and con's of .NET Core. I'm also part of the team that created Deinceps.
Alex Koppes
Alex Koppes After completing a project for my studies at, I decided to stick around for a researching internship. I'm currently researching Application Lifecycle Management as my bachelor's thesis. By heart I'm a System and Network Engineer, but recently I've been very interested in working closer together with clients to evaluate their needs.
Alessandro Giacoppo
Alessandro Giacoppo I started in 2018 at in the role of UX/UI-Designer and Frontend Developer. With my background as a Graphic Designer many years ago - and my Knowledge in User Experience and Frontend Development - I Design and Create User Friendly Websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps. Occasionally I Design Logos and do some Branding. I studied at the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam after which I did some Further Training in Graphic Design. I initially worked for various Advertising Agencies as a Graphic Designer and also became a Web Designer when there was a greater demand for Web Design. When things shifted towards more Advanced Web Applications, I did some extensive training on Web Development with emphasis on Frontend Development and UX/UI but also got some Training on Backend Technology.
Sofia Björkholm
Sofia Björkholm Mobile developer
Erin de Blaeij
Erin de Blaeij Developer