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Students built app for This is Holland

For several years, has been working with students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam on various projects. This year is no different. Together with the students, we are developing an app for the company This is Holland. This Is Holland is an interactive experience where Dutch and foreign tourists are taken on a breathtaking journey through the Netherlands via a spectacular 5d “flight”. 

Design Sprint
During previous projects, the students received a design from the customer. Then they built a functional app from the design. This year the client and the students did a design sprint together. At the end of the design sprint they determined the scope, goals, and target group of the app. Based on this, the students then developed and presented the prototype to the client.

Test phase
To test the prototype, the students then went to This Is Holland to see how visitors responded. Student, San Cheung (Project Manager) said, “In the beginning it was quite stressful to talk to visitors and to ask for a moment of their time. But it became easier. It turned out to be very useful because we discovered, through testing, that the design of the app could be much better. Some sections, for example, needed more explanation. Such as a tutorial with the AR Game. Other changes that came to the forefront was the need for larger buttons and better navigation. "

Currently, the students are busy building the application in React Native. The app contains a map with all 21 locations that are interesting to visit in the Netherlands and you can select activities based on your interests. In addition, it is possible to buy tickets for the 5D Flight experience and visitors can give feedback about the 5D flight via Tripadvisor. Finally, there is an AR game in the app. The goal of the game is to find the This is Holland logo. When you find the logo, you get a point. If you have collected all the points, you will receive a prize from This is Holland.

The plan is to complete the project in January 2020 and make the app available in the app stores. Until then, the five students work twice a week on bringing this application to life. <br>San Cheung about working on the project: “Learning at a company is always fun and extra challenging. It is a great opportunity to develop myself in a different programming language. In addition, it is a good way to gain experience as a project manager. The team is enthusiastic, and we want to get the best out of it.”

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