Based in our Amsterdam office we design and build custom cloud applications and integrations. But before we start building, we would like to get a better understanding of your organization and software requirements. As a team with different backgrounds, our strength is contributing to the bigger picture and making sure no software becomes an island. It would not be the first time if we found our software to be the “glue” between existing applications.  

We see ourselves as a healthy balance between ambitious young rebels and the seasoned voice of experience (did you know Flores.nl already exists since 1998?). Being honest and transparent is one of our key values. We will always help where we can, but if it turns out we are not the right partner for the job, no hard feelings. 

It is rather challenging to define Flores.nl by the specific products we build since we value the solution it fulfils over the product itself. The products we develop are mainly built in the Microsoft Azure platform. However, for over 20 years we have not limited ourselves to the existing technologies and aim to keep learning so we can approach every problem in the most efficient way possible. Examples of the solutions we've built in the past are dashboards, questionnaires, reporting tools, architectural designs, databases, mobile applications and integrations. 

Like us our clients are also ambitious people with diverse backgrounds. Clients we are mainly working with in the field of education, research, (mental) health, nature, culture and charities. Being partners of both Blackbaud and Microsoft, we help universities, charities and museums with CRM solutions for fundraising activities. Find out more about the projects in our sector on our website.